At the Bao Revolution we combine fresh food, exhilarating flavours and soft buns to deliver a taste of Bangkok that you’ll never forget.

Who’s Behind The Baos?

Hi, I’m Sherry, a yoga teacher from Bangkok who’s passionate about food and health. I especially love creating healthy food that carries that incredible salty, spicy, sweet and sour flavours of Thailand. What a mix!

I started Bao Revolution after realising there wasn’t enough authentic Thai food in the local area. And thats why I brought Thailand to my new home of Wales with one of favourite foods, an easy-to-eat, tasty Asian snack – the Bao bun.

They’re For Everyone!

Bao buns are the perfect go-to snack for adults and kids – like mini sandwiches with a range of tasty Thai fillings. I have flavours to suit every tastebud, from mild to spicy, and even Nutella (very popular with the kids!). I also make dairy-free fillings.

I make my bao fillings using only the freshest ingredients. I use coconut sugar and brown sugar instead of white table sugar and lovely fresh herbs to bring you a sense of the real street food experiences in Thailand.



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International Women’s Day Pub Quiz

We are so excited to work together with Chester Women’s Aid, a non profit organisation that supports women fleeing domestic violence. Held at the Cross Keys Pub, the evening will be a fun filled event of quizzes and baos with raffle prizes. For full details please get in touch with Chester Women’s Aid directly.

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